Elgin Courier 1898 Obituary of Sarah Rebecca Culp

The announcement Monday morning that Mrs. Rebecca Culp, wife of
Henry Culp, was dead, brought sorrow to the hearts of a host of people in
Elgin. Her death was sudden and was a shock to her family as well as her
many friends. Cruel death has desolated another home. A husband and three
children are left without the care of a loving mother.

In her 20th year,
December 25th, 1884, she was married to Mr. Henry Culp,
a worthy young man of
Bastrop County, with whom she lived happily till death
came and released her from the solemn marriage vows which, eighteen years
ago she had took upon her.

Sister Culp ever enjoyed her religion, and such was the joy she manifested
at the last woman's prayer meeting she attended and such was the pathos and
earnestness of her prayer, that those who were present felt that she must
have realized that her time of prayer in behalf of her children, and the
friends she so tenderly loved was drawing to its close, the days of toil
and burden-bearing giving way to the dawning of the day of

It was with a resignation that was perfect, and a patience that never
once gave way, that Sister Culp bore the sufferings of her disease, typhoid
fever, till death brought her relief.

Not only so, but as the end drew near on, and her sick couch was soon
to become her death bed, such was the fullness of the presence of the Comforter,
such was the reality and sweetness of that presence, that it was with difficulty,
in deference to wish of her physician, that she could restrain the shouts
of joy and praise that were welling up so full within, and since it was permitted
her to express the praise she felt in the bright prospects of the heavenly
world, among her last requests was that a good sister at her bed-side should
praise God in her stead.

To the family, that of Mr. David Outlaw, and to the husband, the sympathy
of many, many friends is extended.