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This is a front view of the Henry Culp Jr. house which was located at Beech Creek, Wayne Co., Tennessee.  This photo was made in 1958.  The house was torn down in the early 1960's.  Originally the house had an open hall down the center but it had been enclosed by this time.  The old homeplace and cemetary was close enough to the Shiloh Battlefield such that the booming of the cannons could be heard during the Battle of Shiloh.   If you look closely, you will see two black places on the left side where boards have been replaced.  This is where Henry Jr. was removing a chicken when he had a stroke in 1887.


Here is a more panoramic view of the Henry Culp Jr. house.  This is where he lived during the Civil War and until his death in 1887.  The location was on the old Clifton to Flatwoods Road in Wayne Co. Tennessee.  The back portion of the property where the house stood had been reworked by the time this photo was taken in 1958.  Older members of the Culp family remembered that at one time, slave cabins had stood in back.

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This is all that is left standing today (1971).

Original Photos supplied by Fredrick M. Culp, Trenton, TN.

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