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This map gives the general location of the cemeteries referred to in the manuscript.  However, the location of the Henry Culp Family Plot is in error.  The actual cemetery may or may not be accessible today, but family tradition holds that it was located in the "hollow on Little Beech Creek."  Culp's Cemetery on Powell's Hill is also known as the Matthews Cemetery.

This is a portion of the USGS Clifton quadrangle map showing the Little Beech Creek area.  On the far right hand side can be seen Culp Hollow.  It is in this hollow that I believe the cemetery was located and the old Henry Culp home place was located near by.  Other items of interest are The Culp Cemetery on Beech Creek, New Zion Church, Riley Hollow, Crossno Ridge and the Crossno Cemetery.

This quad map is the Leatherwood map which is due east of the Clifton map.   The town of Flat Woods is in the upper right corner and Culp Hollow is shown in the lower left corner of the map.  The old Henry Culp home place was on the old Clifton to Flat Woods Road.

This is the latest satellite picture from Google Maps of Culp Hollow with the course of the Little Beech Creek depicted.  Somewhere in the picture is located the old Henry Culp Family Plot cemetery and site of the old home place; the structure itself having been torn down in the 1960's.   I had been told that the property had changed hands several times with it finally ending up being logged by the owner or owned by a logging company.  This appears correct from looking at the logging operation which appears to have taken place north of the creek.  It is possible that the location of the old house was somewhere along or at the end of the un-named road which is east of Crossno Cemetery and runs due north of Hill Dr.  I say this because the terrain is quite hilly other places on the property.  The old pictures of the place show that it was located in a narrow flat with rising terrain in front and behind.  Looking at the topography maps, just such an area begins at the end of the un-named road and continues up to the end of the hollow.  It also appears that the only accessibility to the property would have been from the south back in those days.